Fighting Tactics and Mottos

  • If the opponent is coming, get out of the way!
  • Changing according to the changing of the enemy.
  • Thrust forward when the hand is freed. When launching a punch, keep the elbow in the middle.
  • While the others move along the back of the bow, we move along the bowstring.
  • Violent Continuous attacks With Breaching Steps.
  • Hitting the head, is the best defense against a kick.
  • Trapping two-arms by one-arm.
  • Never launch a single punch in fist fighting.
  • No flipping sideward, no blocking upward; don’t lift up any heavy pressure with brute force, don’t press down the opponent’s hands with overbearing power.
  • Attack is the best defense.
  • Defend and attack simultaneously.
  • Give attention to both hands simultaneously.
  • Counter an attack with an attack.
  • Refrain from attacking against the fully reinforced part of your opponent, but attack his unprepared part.
  • Stay with it when it comes, follow right after it when it withdraws. If your arm is freed, just thrust it outwards.
  • For every attack there must be a defense.
  • Apply a vertical attack to intercept a horizontal, and vice versa.
  • To practice the whole set (of forms) within the range for the cow to lie on.

Mottos Related to Stance:

  • Push the head against the sky and stand firmly on the ground.
  • Head up with horizontal vision.
  • Containable chest and elevated back.
  • Straighten the Waist and ‘Suck-in’ the abdomen.
  • While the trunk being turned, the center line lies on the shoulder.

Mottos Related to hand movements:

  • The sinking elbow and drooping shoulder.
  • When Launching the Hand Movement – Look where the hand goes.

Mottos Related to Bong-Sau:

  • When the head is pressed down, the tail rises up.
  • Bong Sau is not a hand movement itself!


Leung Ting