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It’s Time

Yes, it’s time.

If you are interested in Wing Chun, this School is for you.

It is open to everyone, no matter what your experience level!

What students

Are Saying

As an absolute beginner to Wing Chun (WC) it quickly became clear that the philosophy underlying WC is sound and highly practical.  What sold me is that Wing Chun is firmly grounded in an understanding of… Read more
Jay J.

This post is for serious minded people who want to embrace an art that can be learned under the tutelage of Jay. I’ve been studying wing chun with Jay fot the past year 3 times a week and enjoy the challenge and… Read more
Robert S.

I am a beginning in martial art and Wing Chun set a great foundation. It offer great effective self defense and reflex. Jay is an awesome instructor. He is very patient and give every student his attention to learn Wing chun… Read more
Vincent W.

I have been a Wing Chun student for a number of years and have had the privilege to train with Jay at Brighton Beach Wing Chun on and off since the beginning. Jay is a highly skilled and passionate Wing Chun practiciner… Read more
Valentin T.

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Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday 7 pm – 9 pm

330 Neptune Avenue – ground floor

Brooklyn, NY 11235

(646) 474-0324

Brighton Beach Wing Chun Kung Fu